Children Foldable Wheel Balance Kick Scooter


Small Princess/Ben 10 Kids Scooter – Free 3 LED Wheels, Metal (age 3-7)
** This scooter have to play in normal way. If you know the kids won’t follow the normal way, or too rough or very strong, please consider other scooter, not this type.
** The scooter box may crash by courier service. If the box is important for you, please think again.

Riding kids scooters is a fantastic way for you to exercise your children’s small body. Rather than just chilling out watching various cartoons, your children will be involved in physical activities more regularly by playing with kids scooters. It also enhances their concentration and focus while using kids scooters. They find out when and how to turn or stop and assess each situation while playfully driving.

Brake at back wheel
Lovely design picture
Box Size: 57 x 18 x 10 cm
Scooter height: 67 – 77 cm (Adjustable height)
Scooter Long: 60 cm
Scooter Width: 10 cm
Weight: 2.5kg
Max Load: < 30kg

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Blue, Green, Pink


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